Some people say I was born doing push-ups, sit-ups and high knee sprints. Sounds like a pretty cool story so I'll roll with it! :)

Truth is, most my life I have been athletic, super active and obsessed with the body. At times it was a really good obsession and other times, it was a very harmful obsession. I experience a life full of joy, excitement and love and just like everyone else I also experience fear, inadequacy and disappointment. Through each of my experiences I have learned how important it is to have a body that works well with the mind. I once had a mentor who said, "we are simply spiritual beings having a physical experience". I believe we have these experiences to fully learn what it means to truly expand and grow.

Going though 2 divorces involving many counts of an unfaithful husband, 7 miscarriages 2 of which being still borns, eating disorders and a deep rooted hatred for myself. I would pick apart every body part, I hated every freckle every imperfection, these were the reasons why I was never good enough, I could never be good enough and I wasn't worthy of love. This was my experience for over half my life. I know what it's like to hit rock bottom and I have fought like hell to climb out of the depression, insecurities and all the story's I was running keeping me stuck and unable to move past all the hurt and anger.

Time started to heal parts of my life and I met some amazing people who practiced a thing called "self Improvement" investing in bettering themselves  As I learned these tools, applied them and stayed consistent, I started to experience life a little differently. I started to see ME! And after all the stories were exposed as the lies that they were, I began to rebuild.  

I wanted to be a better me become stronger and rise above than all the things that happened to me but I didn't know how. 

You see, the body is the key to all of it. As we learn to love our bodies, feed our bodies right and see them as the gifts they are, we awaken a power within us that has always been there. This is the power of expansion. But you can't expand and create with a mucky mind and horrible self image.  As we invest in our selves, all areas of life begin to balance out. Revealing a new purpose and experience for us.