* 90 Day Body Rebuild 

‚Äč"Shout out to Danielle...I hope you know how amazing you are!!... In the way you'er able to reach each one of us whether we'er 15 or 50+...You motivate us to be our best selves and push us farther than we thought possible. Thanks for caring and believing in us and sharing your knowledge  and things you've learned through your journey in life and sharing your challenges. It's awesome to see how you've overcome them and are so super strong and balanced in the foundation. You'er an inspirations to us all!!!"

Laurie Albrechetson IB 2016


Body Rebuild is a 90 day interactive training program for women.


We primarily focus on the body, because without a healthy body the rest never works as well.

The program is designed to help women FIND themselves again.


We carry so many different labels;

  • Mother
  • Wife 
  • Career Woman
  • Volunteer
  • Church Leader
  • Provider

With all these labels and daily stresses, we lose ourselves along the way until - WHAM! One day we wake up and we have NO IDEA WHO WE ARE ANYMORE. What we like, what we are good at, things we enjoy, hobbies, we simply CAN'T invest in ourselves without the guilt that comes with it.

Could there really be a life where my needs are met too? 

Iron Butterfly creates space for women to see that she CAN have it all and we teach the tools and methods needed to create the life they want. 

Iron Butterfly is not just a fitness and nutrition program, although we DO invest in our body and healthy nutrition EVERYDAY to create a HEALTHY SUSTAINABLE LIFE-STYLE it's also a program designed to help women find balance in the 4 key areas of life.


By creating the proper FOUNDATION we get to have it all in: 

  • Fitness (Loving our Body) 
  • Faith (ones spiritual connection to God)
  • Family (relationships we care about)
  • Future (your OWN expansion and and growth, to be the best you!)

This is the foundation I personally used to rebuild my life when it fell apart years ago, these methods and tools saved my marriage from divorce, along with keeping me out of depression after losing my 2 still-born babies.

It has TRULY helped me love and accept myself, I, just like you are perfect, whole and complete - with all our imperfections. And with that self love comes the space to love others more fully and completely.  I continue to use it everyday to create the life I WANT, doing this work in my life has created a whole new purpose and experience.

I invite you to apply today and take your first step to creating the change you seek.

To creating a life you LOVE!